My first time sewing!

So I recently learned how to sew! Well, I suppose that’s a stretch. I didn’t really learn and it wasn’t really that recent. To be more exact, I watched a few YouTube videos on how to sew and put together my first thing for Halloween of last year! At the time, I didn’t think to document the process so I only have a handful of pictures.. and not even very good pictures of the result. ūüė¶ I’ll learn in the future.

So my roommate and I wanted¬†complementary costumes since we were throwing a Halloween party! After some brainstorming, we decided to be.. don don don! Officer Jenny and nurse Joy!! Wooooo. I have dark hair and she had light hair at the time, so we figured it 204was best that she be Joy and I’d be Jenny because my hair was not going to be the right shade of pink or blue without a wig. Completely unprepared and with absolutely no pattern and my first time touching a sewing machine, I BEGAN. I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the results considering I¬†literally made the costume with no planning or preparation. We both started our costumes 5 days before the party.¬†My roommate has a sewing machine and she was able t203o show me how to use it!¬†So I measured myself and cut out roughly what I thought would be the base of the shirt and skirt. This is how it first looked. Not too shabby, right? By this point, I was really excited because I had sewed my first outfit. Forget all that hemming crap, I managed to make a pencil skirt and muscle shirt with no pattern and absolutely no prior sewing knowledge!! Excuse the awkward headless bathroom selfie. Even though I didn’t take very many progress pictures, I did manage to take a few pointless picture209s of me sewing to.. show that I was sewing? Even though I’m not even sewing in the picture? It sort of reminds me of this one video I saw¬†of a guy who managed to take a series of photos that seemed like he was spending a nice, eventful day with his girlfriend when in actuality he was by himself. It sounds weird, but it’s actually really funny.¬†Maybe I’ll find the link to the series of photos one day and link it here. Maybe.¬†This picture was taken of me hemming m214y collar that I would later find out was too small. It’s so sad, looking back at this picture and knowing the imminent doom. T_T I worked so hard to figure out how to do it and¬†hem in a curved line, too.¬†;-; Oh well. After lots of thinking and practicing sewing in a straight line, I still managed to mess up when making my sleeve. Do you see the stitching and how it slowly moves around? Sigh. One of the trickiest parts for me was attaching the sleeve. I kept getting it wrong, but when I finally got it right, I was so excited, I took two pictures. One was taken before I could find my skirt and the other was taken right after. I also attacked the front triangle shape, but I didn’t document it. How did the pictures end up different sizes? O_O

After 5 straight days of working during the day and sewing until like.. 4am 244-2each night, I finally managed to finish my¬†costume! I actually had to finish my hat the day of the party at work. Lucky for me it was slow and I didn’t have any clients!¬†Voila, an¬†extremely unflattering and low quality picture of my roommate and I! She didn’t finish her costume, so she borrowed the apron from one of my maid outfits and just went hatless, unfortunately. But our outfits were still a hit! Everyone really liked it. My roommate¬†didn’t have any shoes to wear and I was wearing heels, so she tiptoed because our friend insisted we have a full body picture. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about my costume and the blue hair dye was only visible in person, but I figured it was pretty good for my first time sewing. I’ll continue working on it and maybe I’ll be able to make all my future cosplays from scratch!

238A few of my friends had more Pokemon themed costumes, but I wasn’t wearing my purse or belt for these! I’m also slightly intoxicated, if you can’t tell by my red face.. and so was my roommate. We were still cute, nonetheless!




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