Cosplay Ideas? + Metrocon Update

It’s been a while since I posted! So I haven’t really played League in a long time, but I’m thinking about cosplaying as Janna or Lux! If I did, it would be Star Guardian Lux or the original Janna skin (pictured below, respectively). 9otURYh

WOOO so beautiful, right? But I’d really have to have a bangin’ bod for that Janna outfit. I don’t really have any costuming experience, so I don’t know if I’d be able to tackle Janna’s breast plate thingies or Lux’s shoes. Or either of their staves. ;-; Maybe I should focus on cosplays that are more fabric/sewing oriented? I’m not even that great at sewing but I want to improve!

A few other possibilities are Reimu from Touhou or Homura from Madoka Magica (below, respectively). They both have long dark hair, so I wouldn’t need a wig and they outfits are also more sew-centric (is that a word?) which will be a bit easier for me to recreate.









But I just can’t quite figure out how I will do Homura’s tights. It’s like they just suddenly mold into her shoes. O_O Where is the line of her tights?! Are they tights? Or waist high boots?! O.O

And the last last last unlikely possibilities are the ship girls! Yep, Kantai collection. Amatsukaze, Yuudachi, I-19, and I-8~!


I really like Yuudachi and Amatsukaze’s look but I-19 and I-8 are so comfy looking! I’m imagining only having to work around in some flip flops! Or… socks? Actually, that seems kind of unsanitary. Anyways, I guess only time will tell before I figure out who I’ll seriously be cosplaying.

On a side note, I was supposed to post this January 31st because I’m trying to do at least 2 posts per month, but I got home late from the gym and then got tied up trying to get into Metrocon’s artist alley so I didn’t make it before midnight! I didn’t even get a table in the artist alley!!! SIGH. I spent almost an hour trying to get that darned page to load but it kept timing me out and/or crashing and when I finally got through, the artist alley was full. -_-;;; I just ended up getting a dealer’s booth, so it’s not THAT bad… I suppose.. So I’m officially confirmed for Metrocon 2016! But instead of the artist alley, you’ll find me with the dealers. O_O;

In summary, I’m not sure what I’m gonna cosplay as because I suck at armor/sewing and I’m gonna have a dealer’s booth at Metrocon 2016.

I like to say as little as possible with as many words as possible, apparently. It’s 2:15 AM and I still haven’t showered after working out and being all gross. Good night. =_=;


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