Vegan in Thailand?

So it turns out that I’m going to be heading to Thailand this summer with my family! I’ll be wedging this trip right in between Anime Expo in LA and Metrocon in Tampa, so I’m going to have a really busy July.. ;~; We’re still in the planning stages of everything, but the areas we’re going to visit are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. My siblings are going to Vietnam afterwards, but I won’t be able to go because of Metrocon. 😦 Oh well, not too big of a deal~ I’ll go to Vietnam some other time. When I do, I’ll try and squeeze in some more countries (China, Korea, and Japan?)!

This will be my first time going to Asia as an adult! I’ve been to Vietnam when I was younger, but I was too little to remember the trip. Bangkok is where we will be flying into, but I believe everyone wants to spend most of our time their in Phuket. When my brother
told me it was well known for its beaches, I wasn’t really all that interested since I already c13fb6c5b2have so many beautiful beaches near me.. but then he and I started looking at more activities there and now it’s probably the city I’m looking forward to most! I (believe) the
nightlife there is pretty awesome, including a cabaret show we may attend and some fancy bars! Supposedly this is an image from Simon Cabaret, a famous transvestite cabaret show! It’s amazing, they look so beautiful in this image! I think I’ve heard that Thailand is full of traps and now I can see why (haha). And of course, 48322c7363the beaches are supposed to be amaaaaazing! I’ve lived in sunny Florida, Georgia, and California
my whole life so I am definitely familiar with beautiful beaches, but the beaches here seem breathtakingly gorgeous! There are also a few temples here, but I’m fairly certain that most of the temple viewing and other religious or cultural attractions that we’ll be hitting up is in Chiang Mai. Insert random pictures of temples from Chiang Mai right… f237db8bffae02c99f5e08621db192

My main concern for my trip, though, is that I’ve recently changed up my eating habits. I haven’t had any meat or animal products since March 14th, so I’m wondering how this will effect my trip in terms of food. The decision to go vegan was mainly just to try and be healthier, but the more I learn about it, the more I’m inclined to maintain this vegan lifestyle. I don’t really wanna delve too much into the moral aspect of going vegan because as I mentioned, this was primarily for health reasons in the beginning. I don’t really have any goals in terms of how long I want to continue this. I find that it’s much easier if I’m not telling myself “No, you can’t eat meat for another X days!”. Instead, every time I eat, I just let myself choose whether or not I’m going to eat meat. So far, I haven’t chosen any non-vegan meals, but I think that because I’m allowing myself this flexibility in being able to choose whenever I want to stop, there aren’t any cravings or temptations for meat. It sounds ironic because I am limiting myself in a lot of things, but this lack of restriction is making me not really care for eating anything non-vegan. So basically, what’s happened is that every meal, I ask myself “Ok, so do you want to eat a meaty burger or a tofu burrito?” and I always end up just going for the vegan option. Maybe one year from now, I’ll be able to gladly say that I’ve been 1 whole year vegan. If not, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’ll just continue learning more about it. 🙂 If you’re curious as to what I’ve been eating, I update my Instagram with some of my meals. I’ll throw in some pictures here, too!

These are just a few examples of (not so healthy) meals that I eat LOL. I eat a LOT of fruit and vegetables as snacks. My favorite snacks are probably bananas and steamed broccoli (not together). But those are just some of the meals that I wasn’t too lazy to take a picture of! And besides, who wants to see a picture of just a banana? Or an apple? Not me. I’m too busy munching on them to take a picture. Anyways, happy Easter! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend~ ♥♥♥


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