FanimeCon 2016

Hi! It’s been so long since I last posted.. I’d been busy with work and convention prepping, so I hadn’t had much free time for much else. I actually just got back from Project: A-Kon in Dallas, TX! Both cons were back to back so I had a busy 2 weeks. Fanime is held in San Jose, CA typically around Memorial Day weekend. This year, it was during Memorial Day weekend, so rather than a typical 4 day Thursday to Sunday convention, it was Friday to Monday. Fanime is known for it’s absolute awful pre-con organization, which was definitely a thing. Communication was bad, questions went unanswered for months, and information about helpers and load in/load out kept being changed last minute. I think I received an email about 3 days before the con letting us know that helpers needed some sort of waiver form filled out and signed? And load in/load out information was also really unclear. I wasn’t too worried, though, because I figured everything would sort itself out.. which it did, thankfully.

We flew in Thursday evening because I wanted to have time for us to settle in and pick up our badges. Interestingly enough, registration for us was a breeze! We waited less than a minute to pick up our badges, but I think we got lucky because we got a little confused as Photo May 29, 6 32 43 PMto where special registration was and volunteers just pointed us directly to the front so we actually ended up skipping the line by mistake.. Oops! Several others were stuck in line for up to 4 hours, I heard. >.< The special registration line was much shorter, though. They didn’t allow us to do any sort of set up Thursday evening, so after registration, we ended up eating at Johnny Rockets with a group of friends. The food was alright but it was so expensive! $15 for a mediocre burger, fries, and a soda. ~_~ Meh, whatever. Afterwards, we went to Target to buy groceries for the week! I try not to buy con food because it’s usually expensive and unhealthy. We ended up eating some takoyaki that a friend purchased,
though! It was delicious~! (thanks Cg!)

Friday’s setup went pretty smoothly. I got a new banner stand (this one) to try out a new way to display everything and it was awesome! Our stand is a little heavier than typical photo stands, but because the feet didn’t stick out, it doesn’t interfere with any neighboring tables which is what I wanted! I know some conventions (Anime Expo) don’t allow any part of your display to spill over to our neighbors so you have less display space. But with our new banner stand, we don’t have to worry about it so I’m really excited about that! Right before artist alley opened, tax officials went around checking everyone’s seller’s permit and I realized I left my Fanime one at home. T.T I had my Anime Expo one, so I showed the guys that one and they said it was okay~ (phew). Once AA opened it, it was pretty busy! I was surprised at how busy it was!! It was open from 2 – 8 on Friday but the whole day, we managed to stay consistently busy. What a change from the previous 2 cons lol.. After that, we ended up eating Boiling Point, a chinese hot pot place. It was really delicious!! But about $30 per person, so it was pricy but not that big of a deal considering it was all you can eat. Mags ate lots but I don’t think I ate my full worth, haha. I enjoyed the food and company though, so I had a great time.

Saturday was pretty steady all day long, too. Sales were honestly best Sunday, which was pretty surprising for me.. but then again, I guess Saturday and Sunday were the busy days as Monday was the last day. I spent most of the days snacking on sandwiches that we made, fruits, and granola bars while Mags worked on commissions. I also played a bit of Fire Emblem, which was really fun! I played on Mags’ 3DS and he only had the Japanese version that was partially translated, so I couldn’t fully enjoy it.. but I did enjoy that fun mini game of inviting people over to my house. Heh.

Cg was wanting to eat lots of American foods since he flew in from Singapore, so we ended up going to Red Robin? I forgot who chose it, but Red Robin was such a mistake that day.

Service was soooooo incredibly slow and the food wasn’t great! But we did order a few drinks and they were really yum! (pictured above) 8) Monday, our friend (who was a local) showed us this AMAZING sandwich place called Ike’s and so after breaking down and

cleaning up, we dropped off our things at the Airbnb (which I will talk more about later). After that, we went to a nearby shopping mall and watched the new X-men movie, had boba, and chatted on our last night there. 😦 It was bittersweet, but I am so happy with almost everything about our trip to San Jose! Sales at Fanime were awesome, we met lots of amazing people, and the food was delicious (for the most part)! What wasn’t awesome? The airbnb we picked!! I was so unhappy with it. I mean, the rooms were fine but the bathroom was DISGUSTING. There were little curly hairs everywhere and the house itself was really dirty. It needed a thorough cleaning. So even though our rooms were okay, just being anywhere in the house, especially the bathroom, was really unsettling and uncomfortable. But other than that, I’m so excited to return to Fanime next year!! The people we met and the cosplays were awesome! Oh, speaking of cosplays..

I know I usually miss a lot of the amazing cosplays since I’m in artist alley most of the day, but there were still some cute ones! That Elise was the cutest!! I’m so envious of all the cool cosplays I saw at Fanime~~ I cosplayed for one day but I didn’t actually get a picture of myself.. several others took pics of me but I’ll never see them, haha~ I was really shy to have my picture taken so I actually declined a lot of pics. ;^;

Other than my little airbnb snafu and not so great night at red robin, Fanime was great! I met so many new friends that I’ll be seeing at AX in a few weeks. 🙂 I will DEFINITELY return for the food, fun, friends, and of course sales! ❤


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