Anime Expo 2016

The journey to Anime Expo this year was one big struggle. If you’ve heard anything about it, then you’ll know how troublesome being apart of AX was. If not, then I will explain in detail. In the midst of prepping for the con, I got an email from AX staff on May 5th, shown below.


So completely out of the blue, AX was requiring background checks and a bunch of additional forms plus training before being able to participate as an exhibitor. Literally less than 2 months away and the background checks, which AX did not disclose whether we would have to pay for them or the pricing. Background checks that “take anywhere between 1-4 weeks” to process!! And many people who pose no threat fail these checks anyway! I was pretty annoyed, but I went ahead and did it anyway because.. what choice did I have? The reward for doing all of this? Free wifi during the con. -_- Fast forward one month later, AX retracts these requirements because of all the backlash they got. WHAT?! I spent all that time and gave out personal information to some random ass third party company for nothing?! Grrr. WHATEVER. I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE.

Yeah, so that happened. Onto the actual con itself. Well, actually a few days before the con.. My friend mentioned to me that the airbnb I booked didn’t have AC listed as an amenity. Wait, what?! That’s like the first thing I usually check for because even though I live in Florida, no AC is almost unbearable. Plus, socal was going through a heatwave just before AX. I communicated with the hosts and even though it was my own fault for not noticing, they tried their best to accommodate and brought a bunch of fans into the apartment. Honestly, that didn’t help. At all. It just blew around hot air. That made being at the airbnb kind of miserable, so I found myself showering 2-3 times a day. The apartment itself was nice though, a little dusty and lots of.. interesting? trinkets but different folks, different strokes.

The first day we got there, I went around looking for artist alley because they moved it and lo and behold, artist alley got moved down to Kentia Hall, a fucking parking garage. During setup, there was no AC so it had to have been in the 90s-100s inside that damned place. I thought I was going to pass out from just putting up our display, plus the added stress of realizing they dumped artists into the basement of the con. SIGH. So many problems at this point. But I was already there and lots of friends as well, so I tried to make the best of it.

The first day of the con, I was so surprised considering we also had a shit spot but sales were AMAZING. Hence why I don’t have any pictures. Literally nonstop all day long, each day of the con, I didn’t have the chance to stop and really take pictures of any of the cosplays because we were so busy. The attendees were great, but I felt so bad because the first 2 days, I could see them furiously sweating and fanning themselves! It was definitely too hot inside the alley, but days 3 and 4 were a little bit better. I even heard that one of the artists fainted and staff had to send in an EMT. Just terrible!

Considering it was so long ago now, I can’t remember where we ate but I did manage to get a few pictures!

Food was delicious in LA of course, but I don’t remember details! I did visit a friend who was local, and he took me to this dessert place he used to work at that was really 720delicious~! It was a big crepe filled with nutella and fruits, topped with strawberries, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and ice cream. Yummy~ I have a big sweet tooth so I really enjoyed it. We also went to karaoke place together because none of my other friends wanted to, haha. He was really sweet! So we spent the night karaokeing and having delicious dessert, just the two of us! I hope I can hang out with him again next year.

I didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures like I said above, but I did manage to take one picture of this super cute Galko! I also cosplayed but only took a picture of one of the days. Heh~

Anime Expo was pretty terrible organization wise, but the sales are worth going through the trouble and I had such a great time. It’s one of the few cons that ALL our friends from around the world come to participate. We’re already booked for next year, as well, so I look forward to tabling again~


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