MetroCon 2016

I keep getting so behind on this!! Has it really been 4 months since my last post? I should really start making the posts within a week after the actual con. Ah, let’s get to it! So Metrocon was.. rough. Not the actual con.. well maybe a little of it was the con.  I was severely jetlagged because I flew back into the US on the 19th and because some scheduling conflicts *cough United Airlines sucks cough* I ended up arriving early in the morning as opposed to my scheduled arrival time which was supposed to be the night before. So when I arrived into Tampa, I was so tired from the long trip that I immediately crashed. I slept from about 10am to 7pm so my entire sleep schedule was messed up. That made Metrocon really difficult because even though I tried to fix my schedule, I would be struggling to stay awake after about 2pm. Saturday, I actually brought a blanket and fell asleep under my table. I couldn’t handle it. T_T;

The convention itself was meh. The attendance was advertised to be around.. 12-13k? This was my first time selling at Metrocon and because of the whole fiasco from earlier in the year, we had a dealer’s booth instead of an artist alley table. I didn’t mind too much as it just gave us a lot more room. ^^ I also heard from other artists that they recently moved the artist alley into the same hall as the dealer’s room. Previously, they were outside in the big hall so you didn’t need a badge to buy from AA. This hurt the sales of a lot of artists since people couldn’t browse the AA for free. I can see why they changed things and there was a lot of backlash from artists but it doesn’t seem like staff plan on moving AA back to outside.

Check in was very easy, we entered the front of the convention center, walked upstairs and the check in table was right in front of the entrance to the exhibitor’s hall. Parking at the convention center was also really cheap! If you get there early, you can park in the parking garage but once it fills up, parking in the lots neighboring the convention center are about 10-20 per day. I got there early each day except Saturday.. so parking was really annoying and expensive, but it was my own fault for coming in late.

The exhibit hall was REALLY empty most of the weekend. I managed to browse both the AA and dealer’s side but felt really awkward at times because I’d be the only person in that section.. it was to the point where I made an effort to walk quickly if I made eye contact with someone at a table or booth. I’m sure it works for some people, but I dislike it when people watch me as I’m browsing or even when I’m just walking past a booth and one of the artists call out to me to look at their things. Not very many people seem to believe me when I say I’m really awkward, but trust me.. I’m very socially awkward. Lol. In one of the Facebook groups I’m in, I saw a lot of people saying they made $5..$10…$50 on Thursday and Friday. WHAT?! I felt so sorry for the artists. I mean, seriously. I lucked out by not getting an artist alley table that year because there was a huge space dividing dealer’s and artists so at least I got more traffic, but looking over to the AA section was bleak. I did meet a few really nice artists and chatted with a handful of vendors. The booth next to us was this sweet girl who sells makeup and I really wanted to go over and look at her things and buy something but I was so shy, haha. I’ve seen her brand of makeup a lot and hear rave things about it, so maybe check her out? Her brand is Surreal Makeup.

Sales here were pretty meh. They weren’t terrible, but we’ve done a lot better. Thursday and Friday were slow, but Saturday and Sunday we did well which made up for the previous days! It was so sad to hear that some artists only made a couple hundred or that they lost a big chunk of money. 😦 It wasn’t too bad for us since I stayed with some friends, so parking and my friend’s flight in was only the real cost. The whole weekend, we ate lots of banh mi because there was a great banh mi place down the street from my friend’s house. So food costs were low, as well. I had a great weekend personally even though it was meh for sales since I got to hang out with friends and also enjoyed exploring Tampa! I live about 4 hours from there so I don’t visit it too often.

I realize now that I’ve been taking less and less pictures even though I do see some awesome cosplays, haha. I only had about 3 photos so I won’t post them. I was also jetlagged so I wasn’t exactly the happiest person. I’ve been slowly upping our display game so maybe things will be great next year. For the next few weeks, I’ll also be posting updates each Friday for the past 6 months of conventions since I’m so backed up. Expect those 😉


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