Food, food, and more food

Hi friends!

It’s nearing the end of February and I’m still really behind with updating my posts with the cons I’ve attended, but I finally caught up and will be posting them steadily for the next few weeks.  Life for me has been very calm and relaxing. I have a lot of things happening later in the year, including some major changes and LOTS of events happening for me this year. I’m very excited but a little nervous with the sheer volume of things going on for me. I checked my schedule and I currently have 13 confirmed events I’m going to with another 6 that I’m highly likely going to end up attending and another 3 that I hope to attend but not quite sure. That’s a crazy amount but I’m really excited for it! I have a lot of plans for cosplays, too. I just caught up with Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and I am so sad that I accidentally started an ongoing anime. It is so cute and I’m in love with all the characters. They are all so likeable, it’s wonderful. ;-; Plus the opening and ending theme songs are so catchy. I like Kanna a lot but I think Tohru is a lot more fitting for myself (personally wise)  so I’m planning on cosplaying as her. She’s really cute.. AND she’s a maid.. and I think a lot of my friends know how much I love maids. Heh.

My holidays were really nice. My holiday started in early December when I went to Las Vegas with my friends. Christmas was in California and New Years in Seattle!

1406.jpgEven though I was just in California in August for my sister’s wedding (picture above with my dad cheesing so big I’m surprised it fit into the pic) I felt like I hadn’t been there in a long time. The wedding was great but I was only able to make it for about 5 days because it was between Otakon and San Japan so i didn’t have much free time plus I had to prep for both cons. The week I spent there was really great, I spent a great deal of time hanging out with my dad and then almost all of the time with my sisters and cousins. My family on the west coast are primarily in their 20s and 30s so it’s refreshing to spend time with family that I can relate to so much more. Not that I don’t relate to my east coast fam, I just feel like I end up being more social and have a lot of fun there! Plus it’s nice having so much good food everywhere. And almond milk tea with grass jelly!! My one true love <3_<3 I think the week I was there, I bought 8-10 drinks. Yes, I had more than 1 on some days. Lmao.

On Christmas, my aunt and my stepmom’s side of the family cooked soooo much food. They also made these super cute desserts! Homemade gingerbread men, cheesecake, and cookies. I had so much fun with my siblings and my cute niece. The whole week was filled with LOTS of delicious food and drink. Not just in California, but my stay in Seattle as well. I ate so much food that I’m pretty sure I gained everything I lost within the last 4 months, haha. Seattle has so much great seafood, produce, and flowers! I was so surprised but there were flowers being sold EVERYWHERE. Even randomly outside of tall department stores. I found it so cute that for such a large, populated city that there were small cute things in every corner. Seattle is also shockingly clean. It’s the cleanest city I’ve ever seen (and I’ve traveled to a lot of places so far) even if I were to compare it to less populated places. They’re also so green and big on recycling — there were recycling bins everywhere and they even have that law for using plastic bags. I think it’s great how conscientious of the environment they are. The more memorable spots I ate at were this Vietnamese restaurant who had the most amazing pho I’ve had in a long time.

It’s ALMOST as good as homemade. But what made it so delicious (not that the broth wasn’t good) was the noodle they used. I’m fairly certain they were freshly made in-house noodles because I’ve never had noodles that tasted so fresh, bouncy, yet flavorful. The texture was also just a tad bit inconsistent but it didn’t distract from the food! It wasn’t even near where we were staying, maybe about 2 miles? Also this burger place in the northern part of the city.. I forgot the name but the burgers there were soooo good. At the time, I thought it was maybe the 2nd best burger I’d ever had in my life, but I found out a few weeks later in San Francisco that I was wrong (I’ll talk more about that below). Their sweet potato fries were soo good and they had a bunch of homemade sauces. UGH the avocado and bacon in my burger just made it perfect, too!  I love poke but I never ate it that often, but Seattle had so many poke places! I only had time to try one because I tried squeezing in all this food into such a short time, unfortunately. T_T This place gave us a freaking HUGE portion of food and it was enough to feed both my friend and I. He has a really big appetite, too. O_O; The bowl itself was huge and they completely covered the img_2193rice and veggies on the bottom with 3 heaping scoops of fish plus added as many toppings as we wanted. I asked for extras of almost everything too so it was such a big portion, I was shocked they only charged us $12 for it! They had a sauce bar to choose from so we grabbed some ponzu and soy sauce to use, but we ended up not even needing it! I the sauce and sesame oil already in the bowl was the perfect amount and the fish tasted so fresh, I wanted to cry. I remember that during this meal, I maybe said 4 or 5 words but just continued shoveling food down my throat because I just couldn’t stop. Well.. I have a lot more food pics, so here’s some spam of food before I get on with the Las Vegas portion of my blog. x]

Onto my trip in Vegas! This was the first time I actually went as an adult and not just to the airport. Las Vegas in December is just beautiful and the weather is awesome. It’s cool during the day and a bit chilly at night! The perfect weather to me. No humidity, no rain, no snow, just clear sunny cool days. I’ve gambled a few times during the holidays in
Mississippi with family, but this was my first time going with just a group of friends. Half of our group was actually there for a big pharmacy convention, but my roommate decided on going just for fun. She tried In-N-Out for the first time (pictured right looking super cute) and thought it was great! We got animal style fries and burgers. YUM ❤

It’d been a while since I ate there so I was happy. ^__^ I do miss their food since I don’t live in Cali anymore, but I have many other options that are exclusive to the south east that I’m content with. During the short trip there, I had AYCE Korean BBQ one night AND AYCE sushi another night!! Usually the quality of the ayce places are kinda ehh but these 2 places were amazing. The service especially at the KBBQ place was outstanding. We had a party of.. I think 11? But our server got all our orders, never forgetting anything, always kept our drinks filled to the brim, and was just constantly bringing out more and more when we requested refills for meats, side dishes, and etc. I was blown away and seriously want to return to that place whenever I go back to Vegas. The price was $20/person so it was really cheap for the area and for what we got.

The sushi place was pretty small but so incredibly packed on a Wednesday night. When we got there, the wait was about 45 minutes and I normally don’t wait that long, but I was so hungry and everything looked so delicious I didn’t mind waiting. When we got seated, I skimmed through their huge menu and was really happy with 99% of their food. The rolls were really good and the fish was very fresh but the only thing I didn’t like was the uni. Even though everything else was great, the uni tasted HORRIBLE. It tasted rotten! Even if food tastes bad, I can swallow it but I immediately spit it out, it was so disgustingly fishy in the wrong way. I was turned off by it a lot but everything else, including their desserts were so delicious I couldn’t help but still be happy after leaving. Along with food, I did do a bit of gambling which was fun (free alcohol!!) and we took a lot of pictures. We were very touristy 8) I’ll end this post with some more pics I took with everyone! ❤


Oh! I almost forgot. I saw the cutest gingerbread house in San Francisco! It was at the hotel my friend was staying at when I visited.


Happy late holidays, everyone ❤


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